Board of Education Sr. Citizen Gold Card Policy

  • Book Policy Manual
    Section 3000: Community Relations
    Title Senior Citizen Participation in Continuing Education and Other District Activities
    Status Active
    Adopted December 11, 2012
    Last Revised December 5, 2016

    Senior Citizens over the age of 60, who are residents of the Gates Chili Central School District are eligible to enroll in the District’s Continuing Education classes following these guidelines:

    • Seniors may enroll in one class per session at no cost to them for the basic fee. 
    •  This free class cannot be carried over from one session to another.
    • For any class over the limit of one free, seniors will be charged the basic registration fee.
    • Seniors must pay for the cost of materials and supplies required for each class for which they register.
    • A Gold Card or proof of residency and age must be presented at the time of registration to receive the free enrollment status.

    Attendance at District Events

    Senior Citizens shall be allowed to attend, free to designated Senior play performance, all home athletic contests District musical programs (with the exception of the High School musical evening performances and Section V athletic events), and/or other activities open to the general public. A Gold Card or proof of residency and age must be presented for admission.

     Use of School Facilities by Senior Citizens Organizations

    Senior Citizen organizations, whose members are made up of District residents, upon approval of the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee, shall be allowed to use school District facilities for meetings, or other approved activities, free of charge. 

    Senior Citizen Gold Card

    Senior Citizen Gold Cards may be requested in person at the Continuing Education office, located in the High School. Proof of Senior Citizen eligibility is necessary for each request.

     Note:   Prior Board policy and regulation, 3240, combined

    SENIOR CITIZENS:  Gates Chili School District Residents over the age of 60 are eligible for a district Gold Card.  Gold Card holders may enroll in one course per session at no registration fee.  Supply fees and additional expenses are the responsibility of the individuals.  Sr. Citizens must apply and provide proof of address and age prior to registering for class.   Gold Card Holders will need to register by phone, email or mail.   

    Revised Board Policy 311 

    adopted 12/5/16