• Mission Statement


    The Gates Chili School Counseling Department supports the District’s mission “Together we teach and inspire excellence for all learners” through a comprehensive school counseling program.

    With a commitment to individual uniqueness and diversity, the Counseling Program is designed to address the personal/social, academic and career development of all students. The Gates Chili Counseling Curriculum is defined by the standards of the ASCA National Model and is an integral part of the school’s total program. The program provides all students with the resources, to develop and practice the mindsets needed to facilitate a seamless transition into the world of work, lifelong learning and citizenship.


  • School Counseling

    School Counselors work with students, parents, teachers, administrators and the overall community. School counseling programs are an integral part of students' daily educational environment. School counselors are partners in student achievement.

    On a daily basis, school counselors are involved in character education, promoting positive relationships, career planning and much more.

    The Gates Chili Central School District’s School Counseling Department (K-12) has developed a Comprehensive School Counseling Plan that is aligned with the CASEL Social Emotional Learning Standards, and the American School Counseling Association Mindsets and Behaviors across K-12. This program guide is the result of a review by the counselor’s currently employed in the Gates Chili Central School District. This comprehensive model acts as a manual for counselors and administrators in clarifying the role of the School Counselor.


    What does a School Counselor do? 
    According to The American School Counselor Association a School Counselor:   

    • Advocate for students social emotional, academic and career success
    • Individual student academic program planning
    • Provide individual counseling and small group counseling to students around social and emotional issues
    • Collaborate with teachers to present school counseling lessons  
    • Analyze grade-point averages in relationship to achievement
    • Interpret student records
    • Provide teachers with suggestions for effective classroom management
    • Help school administrators identify and resolve student issues, needs and problems
    • Collaborate with various stakeholder to ensure student success
    • Analyze data


    How to access your child’s school counselor:
    Each student is assigned a school counselor and can be accessed through the counseling office at his/her school. Follow the links in the left navigation to contact your child's grade-level counselor.