Annual Notifications/General Information

  • Attendance
    If a student is absent the parent or guardian should phone the school to report the absence. Parents of elementary students should call their school main office. Parents of Middle and High School students should call (585)-247-5050 to be connected to the proper attendance office. Students are required to bring a written excuse to the Main Office/Attendance office on the day they return to school. The excuse should be signed by a parent or guardian and should include the date and reason for the absence. Absences will be categorized in one of two ways: An Excused Absence includes: personal illness, illness or death in the family, religious observance, quarantine, required court appearance, attendance at health clinics, approved college visits, approved cooperative work programs, military obligations. An Unexcused Absence is an absence that does not fall into the above categories or any absence from school or scheduled instruction for which a reason is not provided through proper written notification by a parent or guardian to the attendance office.

    Code of Conduct
    The Gates Chili Central School District Board of Education is committed to providing a safe and orderly school environment where students may receive, and district personnel may deliver, quality educational services without disruption or interference. Responsible behavior by students, teachers, other district personnel, parents and other visitors is essential to achieving this goal. The Board has clearly defined these expectations for acceptable conduct on school property in the Board of Education adopted Code of Conduct and Character. The District’s complete Code of Conduct & Character, is available for review at each building’s main office, as well as on the District website at 

    Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)
    The Dignity Act creates a framework for promoting a more positive school culture through sensitivity training and classroom curricula on diversity. DASA is intended to give students in public schools an educational environment free from discrimination and harassment. It protects against all forms of harassment, particularly those based on a student’s actual or perceived race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. If you have any questions or concerns regarding DASA, contact the DASA Coordinator: High School Assistant Principal Jennifer Kern; Middle School Assistant Principal Rebecca Scott; or Elementary School Principals: Brasser Tim Young; Disney Elaine Damelio; Neil Armstrong Lisa McGary and Paul Road Peter Hens.

    Emergency Closings
    In the event of inclement weather or an emergency, the District website at will show emergency school closing information. A mass notification call will be made to families. The information will be broadcast on many local television stations, including WHAM Channel 13, WHEC Channel 10, WROC Channel 8, and Time Warner News Cable Channel 9. Closing information can also be heard on local radio stations WHAM, WEZO, WRMM, WPXY, WCMF, WVOR, and WXXI-FM. School closings should be announced by 6 a.m. No private or parochial school transportation is provided when Gates Chili Schools are closed. In the event of an early dismissal, announcements will also be made on those stations. Parents whose home is unattended during the day should make prior arrangements for their children to be properly supervised should an early dismissal occur.

    Nutrition Program
    Gates Chili participates in the Federal Child Nutrition Program. A nourishing breakfast is available daily to students in all elementary schools, the middle school, and high school along with the lunch service offered daily in all buildings. In addition, provisions are made for free or reduced-priced meals. An application for Free and Reduced Meals is mailed home in August and available at each school cafeteria, at, or at the District’s school nutrition office at Gates Chili Middle School, 2 Spartan Way. Applications are accepted throughout the school year. 

    Student Privacy and Privilege
    Directory Information Gates Chili Central School District’s policy is to not disclose directory information to outside organizations except to the military and post-secondary schools as required by the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Parents and eligible students may request, in writing, that the school not disclose directory information without prior parental consent. FERPA protects the privacy of student education records and gives parents and students age 18 or older certain rights with respect to these records.

    Throughout the school year, photographs or videos may be taken of students for use in District publications or by the news media to highlight the achievements and accomplishments of our students. Parents have the option of excluding their child (ren) from this type of publicity. If you do NOT want your child photographed or videotaped, you must notify your child’s school principal in writing each September. If your child performs in a school play, in a sporting event or a concert open to the school community and or the public, the District has no control over photographs or videos taken by the media, other parents or community members in attendance.

    Medical Services Nurse
    If a student should become ill during the school day, a school nurse is available in the health office of each building and can administer first aid treatment. If necessary, the nurse will notify the parent of person designated to be contacted in case of an emergency. Our Medical Director is also available districtwide to provide health related support.

    Update Medical Records and Immunizations
    This is a reminder to all families that updating your child's medical records, scheduling grade level physicals, and making sure that your child has received their immunizations is important to ensure the health and safety of the Gates Chili learning environment. New York State Law requires all students to present proof of immunizations before being allowed to attend school. This year, New York State made changes to its immunization requirements. The District requires that proof of immunizations be presented before the first day of school. Students who do not provide proper proof of immunization will not be permitted to continue to attend school. Contact your child's physician immediately to ensure that your child receives the required immunizations prior to the start of school. An up-to-date copy of those immunizations must be presented to your child's school health office by Friday, September 1, 2018.

    The school nurse is responsible for administering any internal medications to students. A written request from the parent or guardian is necessary before the nurse can administer the medication; a written order from the attending physician must also be on file in the school’s health office. The medication must then be delivered directly to the nurse by the parent, in the original prescription bottle, locked in a secure place in the health office, and administered only in the health office. 


    Notice of Non-Discrimination

    The Gates Chili Central School District does not discriminate on the basis of an individual's actual or perceived race, color, religion, creed, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship status, age, marital status, partnership status, disability, predisposing genetic characteristics, sexual orientation, gender (sex), military status, veteran status, domestic violence victim status or political affiliation, and additionally does not discriminate against students on the basis of weight, gender identity, gender expression, and religious practices or any other basis prohibited by New York State and/or federal non-discrimination laws in employment or its programs and activities. The District provides equal access to community and youth organizations. Inquiries regarding the District's non-discrimination policies should be directed to:

    Civil Rights Compliance Officers:

    Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Labor Relations (Primary)
    Assistant Superintendent for Instruction (Secondary)
    Director of Pupil Services

    Gates Chili Central School District
    3 Spartan Way
    Rochester, New York 14624