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Grades UPK-5


    The Gates Chili elementary science program emphasizes a hands-on and student centered approach to learning. Students learn effectively when they are actively engaged in the discovery process, often working in small groups. Experiences provide students with opportunities to interact as directly as possible with the natural world in order to construct explanations about their world. This approach allows students to practice problem-solving skills, develop positive science attitudes, learn new science content, and increase their scientific literacy. 

    Critical to understanding science concepts is the use of scientific inquiry to develop explanations of natural phenomena.  Students have the opportunity to develop their skills of mathematical analysis, scientific inquiry, and engineering design through investigations on a regular basis in grades UPK-5. Active investigations nurture student curiosity and develop positive attitudes toward science which will last a lifetime.


    The units of study for each grade level are as follows:


    UPK - Myself and Others, Our Community, Everyone Has a Story, The World We Live In

    Kindergarten - Weather, Pushes and Pulls, Maker Space Experience

    Grade 1 - A Bunny's Life, Sending Messages with Light and Sound, Sky Patterns, 2 Maker Space Experiences

    Grade 2 - Interactions, Simple Machines, Save the Bees, Earth's Features, 2 Maker Space Experiences

    Grade 3 - Investigating Weather and Climate, Buoyancy, Where are the Wolves, 2 Maker Space Experiences

    Grade 4 - Life Cycle of Animals (Crayfish), Riding the Waves of Information, Electrical Circuits, 2 Maker Space Experiences

    Grade 5 - Got Water?, Mystery Matter, Deer, Deer Everywhere, 2 Maker Space Experiences


Grades 9 - 12


    Gates Chili High School science classes are designed to prepare students to be college and career ready by exposing them to the necessary knowledge and essential skills as they grow into 21st century learners. Our instruction is based on the Common Core and New York State Curriculum Standards. Our intention is to challenge all students with high quality instruction in science education. Science classes engage students through hands-on laboratory experiments, problem solving, critical thinking, oral and written communication skills, collaboration, creativity, and using innovative technology.   

    In order to be college and career ready, the Gates-Chili science department STRONGLY ENCOURAGES all students to enroll in four years of science, consisting of the four CORE science classes (Physics, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Biology).  These courses each culminate with the NYS Regents examination and require successful completion of 1200 minutes of documented laboratory work.


Grades 6 - 8

  • A description of the 6-8 program

     The Middle School 6-8 Science program is designed around  investigations in  the areas of Physical, Life, and Earth Science.   Our curriculum is based on the Common Core standards with alignment to the New York State Science Learning Standards  (NYSSLS).   Students investigate

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