Secondary Social Studies

  • Middle School: 

    Grade 6 social studies is based on the geography and history of the eastern hemisphere, including the development of cultures, civilizations, and empires; interactions between societies; and the comparison of trends in government and economics.  It also incorporates some elements of other social sciences. 

    The course begins withey Ideas that cover a time span from pre-history into the 1300s. Students are provided the opportunity to explore belief systems across time and to examine the foundations of democracy. 

    In Grades 7 and 8, students will examine the United States and New York State through a historical lens. The two-year sequence is arranged chronologically, beginning with the settlement of North America by Native Americans and ending with an examination of the United States in the 21st century. Although the courses emphasize the skill of chronological reasoning and causation, the courses also integrate the skills and content from geography, politics, economy, and culture into the study of history. 

    For full course listings see the MS Program of Studies:  


    High School: 

    New York State requires a minimum of 4 social studies credits towards graduation. Upon commencement, Gates Chili students will have successfully completed the three required full credit courses of Global History I and II and United States History & Government, as well as half credit courses in Dynamics of Citizenship and Economics. In addition, the high school social studies department offers several advanced placement and/or dual credit courses dedicated to the social sciences.  To further promote 21st century learning, college and career readiness, and civic participation, the high school social studies department also provides many elective courses such as African American History, Psychology, Sociology, War & Holocaust, and Criminal Justice. The high school social studies department strives to provide a well-rounded program to meet the needs and interests for all students. 

    For full course listings see the HS Program of Studies: