• Middle School Program

    Grades 7-8


    In order to earn a high school diploma in New York State, all students must earn at least one high school credit in a language other than English.  Gates Chili students have the opportunity to earn this credit in middle school.


    During the second half of the 6th grade academic year, students request the two languages they are most interested in studying.  The district does everything possible to ensure that each student is granted one of their preferred languages.  LOTE studies then begin with level 1A in 7th grade and continue with level IB in 8th grade.


    At the end of 8th grade, each student will take a proficiency exam recognized by New York State.  Students who earn at least 65% on the proficiency exam and have completed two years of language study with an overall average of 65% or higher, will be granted one high school credit for LOTE. 


    Although this fulfills the minimum requirement for high school graduation in New York State, we encourage all students who earn this credit in middle school to continue their language sequence in high school, starting at level 2 in 9th grade. Continuing their studies will allow the opportunity to earn an Advanced Regents Diploma as well as college credit.  Please see "LOTE Studies at the High School" for more details.


    Students who are not successful in earning one high school LOTE credit while in middle school will be scheduled for a level 1 LOTE course at the high school.  Upon successful completion of a level 1 course, they may then choose to continue to level 2 and beyond.