High School Music Program

  • Music has ties to every human endeavor and contributes to our daily well-being throughout our lives. It marks the special events and adds a special dimension to the quality of our lives that cannot be obtained from any other source. 

    The goal of the high school music program is to provide students with a broad foundation of musical knowledge, coupled with a high level of academic performance skills. The music course offerings are designed to fulfill the needs of all students with an interest in music. The music program in the high school builds sequentially on the music program in the middle school and provides the foundation for lifelong participation in and enjoyment of music. Instructional activities are directed toward achieving the National Standards for the Arts. 
    Every high school music course, including performance courses, provides experiences in creating, performing, listening to, and analyzing music, in addition to focusing on its specific subject matter. Also included are learning experiences designed to develop the ability to read music, use the notation and terminology of music, describe music, make informed evaluations concerning music, and understand music and music practices in relation to history and culture and to other disciplines in the high school curriculum.

    NYS Arts Standards


    General Music

    We offer Music Theory and Studio Production in Music every other year as full-year courses. We also offer Piano I & II as half-year courses.


    Performing Opportunities

    Band and Chorus classes are offered during the school day. The performing ensembles explore a wide variety of musical styles and composers through performance and practice. Students will have several performance opportunities throughout the year in various district and community events.

    Band: All students enrolled in band are required to attend instrumental music lessons during the school day. Students enrolled in band may have the opportunity to perform in co-curricular small ensembles and may also participate in county and state solo and large ensemble festivals. 


    Chorus:  Students who wish to sing in a large group and study vocal technique are encouraged to participate in Chorus. Students will continue to develop music literacy skills including sight singing and ear training. Choral literature will expand from two to three/four part harmony. Students enrolled in chorus may also have the opportunity to perform in co-curricular small ensembles and may participate in county and state solo and large ensemble festivals.