Recipe for our 6th Grade Class

    Recipe for a Wonderful 6th Grade Class!


    1 Bunch of Happy Eager Students

    1 Enthusiastic, Energetic, and Loving Teacher


    Combine the above ingredients with:

    2 Cups Reading

    1 Cup Writing

    1 Cup Math

    1 Cup Spelling

    1 Cup Science

    1 Cup Social Studies

    1 Cup Honesty

    1 Cup Friendship

    1 Cup Respect

    1 Cup Responsibility

    1 Cup Hard Work

    1 Cup Compassion

    Spices (for extra flavor)

          1. P.E.

          2. Health

          3. Music

          4. Art

         5.  FACS

    A large portion of Guided Learning Centers

    An abundance of supportive parents

    Blend reading, writing, math, spelling, science, and social studies very carefully and thoroughly each day.  Daily add a bunch of love and enthusiasm along with a scoop of understanding and a mound of high expectations.  Sift in P.E., Health, Music, FACS and Art to give it a little spicy flavor.  Carefully blend in Guided Learning Centers to enhance all learning styles.  Mix thoroughly and check to see if all ingredients are blending and learning.  Last, but not least, add to each child's day the last ingredients in order to form a well-rounded child.  Bake inside our 6th Grade Classroom each day.  Watch them grow and learn, daily adding more of each ingredient as needed. 

    When they are done and the year is through - turn them out to the world with knowledge, love, respect and self-esteem.