8th Grade Redwing Important Information

  • Welcome to this website!  We will be using this site to provide information about what is happening in the 8th grade Redwings core classes (Math, Science, English and Social Studies).

    You can use this website to give you information about homework, projects, quizzes and tests for 8th Grade Redwing classes.

    Mrs. Tillson will be updating this site with information on homework, projects, quizzes and tests for the 8th Grade Redwing English and math classes.  Mrs. Gehani will be adding information to the site related to 8th Grade Redwing science and social studies.

    Use the quick link on the left side of this page to see daily homework assignments.  Other links will provide you with study resources as well as a calendar of upcoming tests, quizzes, project due dates and special activities. 

    Each 8th grade Redwing teacher has named his/her classes.  In order to use this website effectively, you need to know the name of your (or your child's) class.  If you are unsure of this, please contact your teacher.



    Mrs. Ellen Tillson (8th grade consultant teacher)