Work Hard


  • Update: 3/20 Please access all work through your OneNote Student folder. Email your questions!!  

    Thanks for checking out my website! Looking for class documents? Check out the OneNote Content Library, in your student's laptop. For just the Content Library, see the link below


    Expectations for class:

    • Be prepared, responsible, and on time
    • Be ready to work, think, and practice math!
    • Be positive, and have a growth mindset!
    • Follow through on assignments


     Supplies for my class:

    • Charged Laptop
    • Agenda
    • Pencil
    • Math Lab Binder


    OneNote contains everything for my class and trust, me there is a lot:

    • Content Library has all day to day notes, examples, and documents
    • Student Folder has individual assignments and information


    Mr. Bergersen's OneNote 2018 Notebook. Link below!! (if the links are not operable, email me)

    2020 OneNote Content Library

    2019 One Note Content Library

    2018 OneNote Content Library

    2017 OneNote Content Library

    2016 OneNote Content Library