Meet Mrs. Beh Mrs. Sarah Beh, 6th Grade Teacher



    Meet Mrs. Beh

    My Education...

    My educational background is quite diverse! I graduated from Webster School District in 1995. Following graduation I moved onto St. Bonaventure University where I obtained a bachelor of science degree in elementary education with a concentration in educating gifted and special education students.  I completed my masters degree at SUNY Brockport in the area of Education and Human Development.


    I believe that education is a life-long process, so I know that I will continue to be a "student" for the rest of my life.  One reason why I am dedicated to learning is because my parents always believed in me! They always supported me so that I could accomplish my goals and follow my dreams!  


    My Family...

    I live in Webster with my husband who is also a teacher. He teaches ninth grade special education at Spencerport High School. Because both my husband and I are teachers we are able to share good teaching ideas and strategies.  Since we work in different districts, we root for both the Spencerport Rangers and Gates Chili Spartans in our household.  We live with our "son-shines" Brendan and Ryan and our golden retriever, Torre.  Brendan was born on March 3, 2004 and is one of the best boys in town!  We are amazed at his curiosity and enthusiasm for all that he encounters! Right now, he is a third grader at State Road School in Webster.  He really LOVES school - which is good since both of his parents are teachers:).  He also loves baseball and Mixed Martial Arts.   Our little man, Ryan, was born on September 27, 2006 and is the other best boy in town!  We love his sweet and gentle spirit.  He is such a loving little boy.   Ryan will be starting his school journey in KINDERGARTEN this year at State Road School -- and is so excited to be goint to school with his big brother!  Just like his older brother, he loves MMA and he loves to create with Legos.  We feel so lucky to have these amazing boys as our sons!  Our golden, Torre  is named after Joe Torre formerly of the New York Yankees and LOVES to eat everything in site!  Actually, when she was a puppy she ate my engagement and wedding rings!  YIKES!!!  If you haven't already guessed, my husband, Brendan, Ryan and myself are big Yankee fans!  

     Check out the pictures below to get a peek into my family.

    My Hobbies...

    My hobbies include spending time with my family and snuggling with my boys, shopping, scrapbooking, stamping, and basically anything creative! I also enjoy going out to dinner, watching movies, reading as many books as I can get my hands on, vacationing in WARM places, and relaxing in front of a fire in the fireplace!!

    Lastly, I LOVE teaching sixth grade students!  I started my teaching career in 3rd grade at Horizon Elementary School in Cascades, Virginia.  I have been teaching here at Gates Chili Middle School since 2000. 

    It is an honor and so much fun to nurture the growth of the dynamic changes that sixth grade students endure! 

    I look forward to all that I will learn from my students.


    My Favorites are:

    • COLOR:  Pink (Can you tell?)
    • FOOD: Pasta - yummy!
    • ANIMAL: Sea Lion
    • MUSIC: I love music, but I don't really have a favorite type... I am a radio surfer!  Don't ask me to name the person or group singing though -- I will get it wrong every time!
    • SPORTS TEAM: The New York Yankees, of course!
    • HOLIDAY:  Christmas because I love to see my boy's eyes light up with surprise and awe!  I also get to see everyone in my family!!
    • PLACES AROUND TOWN: Barnes and Noble Bookstore is one of my favorite places -- good books, good coffee...wonderful!
    • THINGS: fun pens and pencils, baking at home, Diet Pepsi...
    • GRADE LEVEL: 6th grade... I have LOVED this grade since I was a 6th grader myself.