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    NAME____________________________________1st PERIOD ROOM #___________



    GRADE___________________________________PHONE #___________________


    E-MAIL ADDRESS____________________________________________________



    Please put an X by the activities that you are interested in participating in.  Only choose activities that you will be committed to.  It is mandatory that you do 2.  Of the 2, one needs to be the Thanksgiving and Christmas project.



    __________ Mary Cariola Walkabout (usually the last Sunday in October at Market Place Mall)



    __________Thanksgiving/Christmas Project (buying and delivering food and gifts to needy

                                                                                  families) November 6th sign up meeting.



    __________Mary Cariola Christmas Party (SENIORS ONLY) (Dec. 9th at Mary Cariola during the

                                                                             school day) (planning mtg. 11/18 in the art room)


    __________Giving Tree – meeting in art rooms November 10th (making ornaments)



    __________Homeroom Drive – help set up envelopes and count money -must have 2nd period free.

                                                          Mtg. October 27th in rm. 423 9th per., drive- Dec. 1- Dec. 5)



    __________Project for Animal Shelters (date TBA)



    __________Senior Citizen Dinner Dance (tentatively in February)



    __________Mary Cariola Easter Carnival (put on an Easter carnival for the handicapped children at

                                                                          Mary Cariola) (mtg. March 19th) (Carnival April 7th

                                                                           during the school day)



    __________Dance Benefit (local dance studios put on a show to raise money for needy families

                                                   we help out at it) (date is TBA, in May sometime)



    THE FIRST FUND-RAISING PROJECT IS MANDATORY (you will receive your materials for that today)!  Our purpose is to help others, but we need money in order to do that.  We all need to pitch in.  Please do your best on this fundraiser so we can help as many families as possible!!!!!