Project Leader/Project Descriptions

  • Service Club Project Descriptions ~ Leadership responsibilities are bulleted


    Mary Cariola Walkabout – students ask friends and family to sponsor their walk in order to raise funds for the Mary Cariola Center. The walk takes place in October at Marketplace Mall.

    Project Leader Responsibilities:

    • Promote the walk by making and hanging posters around the school.
    • Collect $ prior to walk and hand $ in before walk.
    • Organize check in and be present on day of walk.


    Thanksgiving and Christmas Projects – these events do not require individual student leaders, but group student leaders. Students shop in groups to purchase Thanksgiving dinner for families. At Christmas, groups buy both gifts and food. Student leaders keep their specific group organized, contact their service club advisor once delivery is done, and make sure to hand in receipts to their service club advisor.


    The Giving Tree – High School faculty and staff select ornaments off of a tree in the faculty room. On each ornament is a gift or health and beauty supply request. We need students to be present on 11/17/08 in the art rooms to create the ornaments.

    Project Leader Responsibilities:

    • Help organize before 11/17 by checking in with Mrs. Braun to get ornament cut outs, check in with Ms. Swanson and Mrs. Knapp to be sure they have supplies ready for 11/17.
    • Check with Mrs. Foley to see when she is going to set up the giving tree and help her do so. You may need to recruit one additional student for this.


    Mary Cariola Children’s Christmas Party – A small group of students, usually seniors, attend and organize a Christmas Party for the children at the Mary Cariola Center. This event takes place in December.

    Project Leader Responsibilities:

    • Attend SC meeting on 11/6 and 11/18.
    • Contact center or Mrs. Swanson one week prior to event to confirm number of kids attending party.
    • Purchase gifts for each child.
    • Arrange for some sort of Christmas entertainment – check with chorus and band teachers to see if a select group of students might be available to perform a concert.
    • Talk it up – write announcements – don’t forget to have a teacher sign off on them. 

    Homeroom Drive – Homerooms compete to see who can raise the most money. The donated funds are used to purchase Christmas food and gifts for local families in need. This takes place 12/1-12/5.

    Project Leader Responsibilities:

    • ***You must have second period free to participate in this.
    • Available to meet 10/27/08 to complete all prep work for the drive – December and November are too short and busy to worry about the organization and details of this fundraiser during those months. If we have it done ahead of time, then we will be all set to go after Thanksgiving break.
    • Talk up the homeroom drive.
    • Label envelopes for each homeroom the week before the drive starts. The week before the drive is only two days though because of the Thanksgiving holiday…so please plan accordingly.
    • Place envelopes in appropriate folders on 11/25, before our Thanksgiving break since the drive begins immediately upon our return.
    • Collect and re-distribute envelopes in appropriate teacher folders and in correct grade level offices.
    • Count $ each day.
    • Facilitate shopping and distribution of breakfast for three homerooms that earn the most $.


    Santa’s Workshop – This is when all groups come together to wrap the presents they have purchased for the families. Most importantly, this is when the advisors check and collect all receipts and extra money and clear each group for wrapping. Event Date: 12/17/08

    Project Leader Responsibilities:

    • Before the event – buy wrapping paper, order pizza and soda, buy other snacks (cookies, chips, etc.), get money for pizza, organize all materials including wrapping paper, scissors, tape, etc.
    • Day of event – be present, organize set up – wrapping paper, scissors, tape, etc. at each station/table, confirm pizza order, arrange to meet pizza delivery person, stay through the end for clean up.
    • Talk it up – write announcements – don’t forget to have a teacher sign off on them.

    Animal Shelter Project – Students select a particular shelter and then encourage the school to collect items for the shelter.***In the past, this has not been such a successful event. Students have seemed somewhat interested in participating in this project and donations have been low. This project takes place in the spring sometime.

    Project Leader Responsibilities:

    • Determine for which shelter we would like to collect.
    • Determine which items shelter needs.
    • Create and hang posters around building.
    • Talk it up – write announcements – don’t forget to have a teacher sign off on them.
    • Arrange for collection areas, or give each homeroom a box – either way you must organize collection of items after they have been donated.


    Mary Cariola Easter Carnival – Students host a carnival for the children at Mary Cariola Center by running the carnival games, interacting with the children, and handing out prizes. This usually takes place in March.

    Project Leader Responsibilities:

    • Contact center or Mrs. Swanson one week prior to event to confirm number of kids attending party.
    • Purchase enough carnival prizes for each child.
    • Organize the games and who will be running which game prior to carnival.
    • The day before – help pack up games and materials.
    • The day of – attend the carnival and come back to school to unpack materials.


    Rochester Presbyterian Home – Students host an evening which includes serving dinner, decorating and entertaining the senior citizens at the Rochester Presbyterian Home.

    Event Date: 2/12/08 (Subject to change)

    Project Leader Responsibilities:

    • Decide upon a theme.
    • Decorate the dining room for the evening.
    • Make invitations.
    • Serve dinner (the home makes the meal, not us).
    • Dance and entertain the seniors.


    Dance Benefit – Local dance studios hold a performance in which all money raised goes to Service Club. This usually takes place in May.

    Project Leader Responsibilities:

    • Buy refreshments ahead of time.
    • Create tickets and program.
    • Organize “thank you” gifts for the three dance shops (usually a plaque that we either order or make- the art teachers, Ms. Swanson and Mrs. Knapp may be able to help with supplies if you have ideas and can initiate contact with them).