Jim Traver

  • One of the goals of my website is to let you kow a little more about myself. I've been a counselor for over 22 years and have been a middle school counselor for 8 years.  This year I work with the 6th grade students and teachers on the Amerks (with Mrs. Muscarella's, Ms Salgado Givens' and Mr. Campbell's classes) and Redwings communities.  I love the energy and enthusiasm of middle school children- particularly the 6th graders. I believe the middle school years are some of the most transforming and challenging ones that young people experience. Helping young people learn and grow during middle school is my main goal as a middle school counselor.

    My wife and I have three children who keep us busy outside of the school day. In addition to raising our children, I spend a lot of time remodeling my turn-of-the-century home. There is always something new and exciting behind each wall and I learn something new with each project. I also enjoy volleyball and downhill skiing.