Meeting Minutes






    April 13, 2020

    Executive Zoom Session

    6:00 pm



    PRSFA Scholarship update

    Applications went out the week before the Covid-19 school closure.

    With the remainder of the school year as well as the possibility of summer camps still undetermined at this time, we will likely postpone the PRSFA scholarships for this year. Next year we will open the applications to students in 3rd 4th and 5th grade, so that current 4th graders will still get the opportunity to apply.


    Yearbook update

    Year books will still be produced. Michele Long and Rene Emanuele are working on collecting pictures of students at school and on field trips, as well as collecting pictures of students homeschooling during the school closure.


    Niagara Chocolate fundraiser

    $12,944 in total sales. Profit was $6,700


    Weslee Rose fundraiser

    Total profit was $833

    Product delivery to PRSFA is expected by Monday, April 27, 2020.


    Splatters Night

    Checks from families have not been cashed and will be shredded. Families who paid in cash will receive checks from PRSFA to refund their payment. Cash will be retrieved from the school and deposited into PRSFA account.


    Backpack program

    The backpack program is currently on hold due to the Covid-19 school closure. We will regroup next school year to implement the program.

    Paul Road School has been providing breakfast and lunches to students throughout the school closure. This has been a huge success.


    Staff Luncheon

    In lieu of a staff luncheon this spring we will choose a local food pantry (SWEM/St. Theodore’s/Foodlink) and make a donation in honor of the teachers and staff of Paul Road School. Donation will be in the amount of $1,000. Katie Davis will research which food pantry we will choose.

    We will still be hosting a welcome back breakfast for staff in the fall.



    Helmer Nature Center field trip occurred the week prior to the school closure. Mrs. Annello will provide Rene Emanuele with total amount for bookkeeping.

    RPO field trip was canceled and the check will be shredded.


    5th Grade Track Meet

    Students will still receive track meet t-shirts even if track meet does not occur.


    Closure Update

    Governor Cuomo will continue to make school closure updates every 2 weeks.

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