Meeting Minutes


    General Session- October 7, 2019

    In attendance: Katie Davis, Danielle LaJuett, Renee Emanuele, Laurie Miller, Michele Long, Laura Hoelscher, Theresa Annello, Emily Schaub, Bethany Mascunana, Amy Greer, Katie Schiavi, Rachel Scott, Julie Zoller


    General Business:

    Call to Order                                                            Katie Davis

    Welcome/Introductions                                             Katie Davis

    Treasurer’s Report                                                    Renee Emanuele

    Current assets $64,352.53


    Principal’s Report                                                       Mr. Hens/Mr. D’Abreu

    Deferred to next meeting due to Mr. Hens/Mr. D’Abreu absence.


    Teacher Representative Report                                    Mrs. Annello

    Fall Bash was well attended. Service club raised $195 which will be donated to the children’s hospital. The nature center has been taken care of by the district and is in wonderful condition and being enjoyed by the classes.


    Volunteer Coordinator Report                                      Laura Hoelscher & Michele Long

    Forms from teachers in need of classroom volunteers should be submitted ASAP. Parent volunteer forms were sent home with students.


    Committee Reports:

              School Improvement Team                                 Mr. D’Abreu

              Deferred to next meeting due to Mr. D’Abreu absence.


    Socktober                                                                  Mr. Hens/Mr. D’Abreu

              Deferred to next meeting due to Mr. Hens/Mr. D’Abreu absence.


    Box Tops                                                                   Danielle LaJuett

    Still collection coordinators for classrooms. There will be no monthly prizes. Instead we will be doing an end of year celebration.


              Apparel Order Update                                        Katie Davis for Chris Tomczak

    Inventory has been replenished totaling $300. Orders from last month should be delivered by the end of this month.


              Bill Gray’s Fundraiser                                         Laurie Miller

    Contract submitted to the Chili Bill Grays on September 24th. Fundraiser set for Wednesday November 13th from 4:30-8:30pm


    New Business:

    Chili Rec Halloween celebration                                    Katie Davis

    Will be held at the Chili Town Hall on October 25th from 6-8pm. PRSFA will set up a table with treats.


    Dates to Remember:


    • October 10th: Paul Road Night at Chuck E. Cheese in Greece (3-9 p.m.)
    • October 11th: Superintendent’s Day – NO SCHOOL
    • October 14th: Columbus Day – NO SCHOOL
    • October 25th: Paul Road Pride Day
    • October 31st: Socktober Celebration
    • November 2nd : Rochester Children’s Book Festival at MCC
    • November 13th: Bill Grays Fundraiser



    Next PRSFA Meeting:  Monday, November 4th at 7:00pm in Library





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