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  • }School Operational Times

    Office Hours:    8:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M.


    8:50 Student arrival

    8:50 Breakfast is available in the dining room until 9:05 A.M.

    9:00 Student academic day begins

    3:25 Student academic day ends

    3:25 Dismissal for parents picking up students

    3:30 -3:45 Bus dismissal

    Arrival/Dismissal Procedures            

    All visitors must use the side door-Entrance #1  

    The student school day begins at 9:00am. Students can begin arriving at 8:50 AM. Prior to this time there is no supervision.

    If your child is not taking the bus to school, or if you are planning to pick your child up during the day or at dismissal, it is necessary for you to come to the Main Office and sign your child in or out.  If you are planning to pick up your child at dismissal, it is necessary for you to come to the Cafeteria and sign your child out. These procedures take just a few minutes, but they are very important.

    For the safety of our children, we kindly ask that all dismissal changes are provided prior to 3:00 pm.  The assumption of the school is that all children are riding the bus to and from school unless otherwise notified. In the case of a bus accident, the school would not be aware that your child was not on the bus, and therefore we would be accounting for your child incorrectly. We would appreciate your cooperation with this request.

    If your child will be arriving late, or picked up early, please send in a note pertaining to this the day before the event, or call the Main Office at 247-3151 to alert the secretaries of this request. 

    If you are picking your child up, or have asked someone else to pick up your child for you, you MUST notify the Main Office concerning this.

    No child will be released to an adult unless the Main Office has been notified of this occurring. Also, picture ID is necessary for anyone picking up a child from the school. This is a safety and security issue, and done for the protection of our students.

    Breakfast and Lunch Meals are available daily for all students.  Breakfast is $1.50 (reduced breakfast cost: No Charge) Lunch is $2.90 (reduced lunch cost: No Charge).

    Families are offered the convenience of prepaying for School Food Service purchases.

    Make payments on-line visit mypaymentsplus or call 1-866-700-3147 for more information.  Even if you do not use this service to make pre-payments, you may access your child's account balance and also see a 30-day history of their Food Service Purchases through this service.  Your Internet Browser must have Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher to use this system in either PC or MAC.

    For more information contact, Debbi Beauvais, RD, the Supervisor of District Supervisor of School Nutrition at 247-5050 ext. 3295.

    Visitor information                

    The Board of Education encourages parents and other community members to visit the District’s schools and classrooms to observe the work of students, teachers and other staff.  Since schools are a place of learning and working, certain limits must be set for such visits. The building principal or his or her designee is responsible for all persons in the building and on the grounds. Parents or visitors who wish to visit or have lunch with their child while school is in session are required to arrange such visits 24 hours in advance with the building principal or his or her designee, unless, the visit is part of a planned event sponsored by the teacher or the school.  Notification is required so the safety and welfare of your child is protected, learning is maximized and disruptions are kept to a minimum.

    o   All visitors MUST sign-in and out at the Main Office and take a yellow visitors pass. These badges must be worn on the outside of your clothing for identification in the building.

    o   If you are not wearing a visitor badge, you will be stopped in the hallway and asked to come to the Main Office. This is a very important security and safety issue, and we appreciate your cooperation with this request.


    VISITING AT MEALTIMES:              


    Parents are welcome to eat lunch with their children.


    Cafeteria guests must make at least 24 hour prior arrangement and then need to remember to sign in at the main office. This is in accordance with the Visitor’s Policy. If a student is assigned a silent lunch by the principal, luncheon guests will be asked to delay the visit to another day.


    Please note the following, part of the revised Visitor’s Policy in the Code of Conduct and Character that: Outside food may not be brought into the cafeteria to be shared with other students.  Parents are encouraged to purchase school lunches when visiting.


    Thank you for your help in creating a healthy, clean and fun dining experience for your child!