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Promoting and reinforcing student safety at Gates Chili

Our school community is saddened by the news of an elementary administrator in the Hilton Central School District charged with alleged abuse. As educators, our hearts go out to the victims and all who are involved in the case.  

We wanted to take this opportunity to remind our community about the programs in place in Gates Chili to promote and reinforce student safety. 

While Gates Chili has taught personal safety lessons to students in the past, this year, the elementary schools adopted a more comprehensive program called Child Safety Matters. This program was developed by the Monique Burr Foundation and is endorsed by the Bivona Child Advocacy Center. Elementary staff were trained by Bivona representatives to facilitate the program, which was launched earlier this month. Students are provided with a parent/guardian letter after each lesson, that includes resources for families to reinforce the learning at home. You can learn more about the program at  

Gates Chili also has staff members districtwide who are certified in Trauma, Illness and Grief and responding to the emotional needs of students dealing with trauma, violence, illness, grief and loss.  

Please see the documents and links below for more information about Bivona and Child Safety Matters. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your student’s administrator or school counselor. 


Bivona Child Advocacy Center Website

Child Safety Matters Website 

Child Safety Matters Resources