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Black Scholars honored by Urban League of Rochester, Inc.

Gates Chili Central School District is proud to congratulate 26 members of the Class of 2021 for their designation as Black Scholars by the Urban League of Rochester, Inc. These students were recognized for their academic excellence over the course of their high school career. The students were honored at the 42nd Annual Salute to Black Scholars ceremony in early July. 

Congratulations to: Kehinde Adejumo, Taiwo Adejumo, Emani Calloway, Elise Christopher, Alayna Delice, McKenzie Duncan, Sillery Gonzalez-Ortiz, Johanna Harris, Kiara Hartwigh, Liah Herring, Kiarra Hollis, Miriam Ibezim, Maylee Kerns, Jaide Manigrossa, Arianna Marks, Kalissa Marks, Locksley Milwood Jr., Jahri Neil, Rebekah Pye, Tasha Robertson, Tremayne Ryan, Sydney Simpson, Blake Siplin, Reya Thompson, Graciana Torres, Trinity Turner.