Finishing up the Winter Spring 2020 Road Groups

The Decision had been made to allow parents. /guardians to complete the required Driver Education Road Groups from Winter Spring 2020

Students will need to complete eight driving lessons with the help of a parent or guardian.  The parent instructor must verify that they hold a VALID NYS DRIVER LICENSE and be over the age of 18.    Students are required to spend the time needed to review and practice the listed skills between .75—1.5 hours.    Parents and students should review each topic area (found not the form below) using the NYS Drivers Manual and/or the DERIC curriculum PowerPoint resources found in the link below or on our district website prior to practicing on the road.    Students have already begun learning these skills and have started reviewing the steps with our instructors.  

Upon completion please date and initial in the check-off square.  When all lessons have completed the parent and the student should sign the bottom of the page to verify all lessons have been completed.    PLEASE Make a copy or scan and return this form to the Continuing Education office at Gates Chili High School.   At that time we will need to verify the parent “instructor” valid driver's license.   We will not be saving this information just doing a visual verification.   

Our office then needs to verify the student has completed all the lecture work and road work. Our instructors will issue final grades for the student.   The  MV-285’s will be prepared and sent to the superintendent to sign.   Please note this process may take several days to complete after the form is turned in.    We will call you when the forms are ready to be picked up/mailed.  

ANY Questions? 

email us at  or call us at (585) 247-5345.   


The NYS Drivers Manual