• Health Office  

    The Walt Disney Health Office is staffed by Mrs. Zulauf, our School-Nurse Teacher and Ms. McLendon, our Health Aide. We are excited to be back in our office this fall. There have been many changes, but we are ready for them. School definitelylooks different, but our goal remains the same. We hope to provide a safe, calm space where we can care for our 500+ students and staff members. Giving extra TLC to anyone coming to our office is a priority. We have created a new space within the office called the Nurse's Nest, a place where a student who isn't feeling well can rest until they can picked up.  Mrs. Zulauf  is the resource person for all health related curriculum and teaching here at Walt Disney School. She coordinates with the other School Nurse Teacher and the classroom teacher's to deliver the specific health curriculum requirements for each grade level. This year the Health Curriculum will be delivered electronically through Schoology.  On a daily basis, the Health Office also administers daily medications to many of our students. The students health records which include physical exams and immunizations,  are maintained in this office. Any health emergencies that arise are addressed by our health staff. 

    Physical Examinations
    New York State Education Law, Section 903, requires a physical examination for each child in Grades pre K or K, 1,3,5, and all students new to the school district. It is recommended that these examinations be done by the family physician since he/she is more familiar with the health needs of your child. However, our school Medical director will complete this physical required screening free of cost, if needed. These can be faxed to the office at 585-340-5567 or sent electronically through email to Madalyn_Zualuf@gateschili.org.

    Hearing and Vision Screening
    Annual hearing and vision screenings are completed in the early part of the school year. If a child fails either of these screens, his or her parent will be notified. If at any time a parent feels that a vision or hearing screen is needed for their child, a request may be made to the Health Office. All children are evaluated for color vision upon school entry. 

    New York State Public Health Law, Section 2164, requires all pupils to be immunized against the following diseases: Diphtheria (DPT), Polio (oral), (MMR) Measles, Mumps, and rubella, Hepatitis B, Varicella (chicken pox) vaccine or proof of immunity is required for all children. 

    Health Office Requests
    If your child is absent from school, please contact the Health Office directly at 247-3177. When your child returns to school, a written excuse is needed to verify their absence. If your child has a doctor or dental appointment, and will be arriving late to school, please call the school's Main Office at 247-3151, or send in a note related to that information. Medication is administered to a student only when the family physician considers it absolutely necessary to prevent serious and perhaps fatal consequences (severe allergy to bee stings, for example).

    If your child needs to take medicine during the school day, please contact the School Nurse directly. A written prescription from the MD is needed, as well as a written permission slip from the parent/guardian giving permission for the school to administer the medication at the prescribed time(s). NO CHILD IS ALLOWED TO CARRY, OR TRANSPORT, MEDICATION TO OR FROM SCHOOL. This includes not only prescription medications, but also over-the-counter medications such as Aspirin or Tylenol, cough syrup/anti-acids, etc. There are NO exceptions to this rule. If you have questions concerning this policy, please feel free to contact our school nurse directly at 247-3177, or call the Main Office to speak to the principal at 247-3151. 

    Please, feel to reach out to the Health Office with any questions you may have. We are in the office Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and can be reached by telephone at 585-247-3177. I can be reached by email on Wednesdays at Madalyn_Zulauf@gateschili.org as I will be working remotely.