Beagle + Jack Russell Terrier = Franklin Beagle + JR Terrier = Franklin


    SEPTEMBER 2019        



      2019-2020            You mean I have to get up at 5 AM again?! I have to get up at 5 AM AGAIN !?




    Mr. Borrino

    Global History 9  Period 1 and 7

    APUSH                 Period 3

    USHG                   Period 2 and 4





    Image result for animated gifs  Snoopy spring   Give me five!






         Related image Which one wins? the Camaro of course!!


    2017 Camaro RS 2LT 50th Anniversary EditionWays to create a wildlife sanctuary in your garden       Image result for Camaro 50th anniversary rs 2lt                                           










    Image result for Quotes Cartoons 1st Amendment

    I am here for extra help, for you to finish homework, to make up work or for you to complete  tests and quizzes that you missed.  I am here every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday  9th period unless I have another commitment.(2:25-2:50) Use this resource and time to improve your academics.

    All you have to do is ask and I will put it on my calendar.

    Image result for camaro mustang animated gif


    Camaro vs. Mustang : and the winner is ? (Shhh, Don't tell Mustang Lovers )  


    Image result for animated gif 2017 Camaro




    Email me @  michael_borrino@gateschili.org


                Image result for gif school locker                  Be on time for class !!     

                 RESPECT, HARDWORK, COMPASSION, AND RESPONSIBILITY                                                   






    You may serve my dinner now !!!




     linie-0456.gif from 123gifs.eu Download & Greeting Card 







    "The Spartan Way: Respect, Responsibility, Compassion, and Hard Work

    "Striving to be the Best in the West"

    "Together we teach and inspire excellence for all learners"

    "We bleed blue"







    "A dog wags its tail with his heart"












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