Meet Mrs. Bathgate

  • I would like to tell you a little bit about myself.  I attended the University of Delaware for my undergraduate degree in animal science.  I completed my masters degree in elementary education from Nazareth college.

    This is my 21st year working for Gates-Chili. I taught kindergarten for my first four years at Gates. Then I taught second grade for eleven years. I was so excited when I got asked to go back to teaching kindergarten again. This is now my sixth year back at teaching  4- 6 year olds.  I have also worked at the Paul Road School, the Walt Disney School, and coached Cross Country in the high school.  

    I am a mom of two active boys named Dawson and Gavin. I also have a daughter named Merrick. Gavin is 18 years old and will be attending Alfred University in the fall. He also likes to take things apart and to rebuild them again. Dawson is 21 years old & he loves to run and fish. He will be a senior at the University of Massachusetts.  Merrick is 9 years old. She loves to play with our two dogs, ride her bike, and sing. She attends school in East Rochester.

    Mr. Bathgate worked for Kodak for twelve years and completed his master's in health education. He currently is a wellness specialist. Mr. Bathgate coaches cross country and outdoor track, and is a track and field official. He likes fishing, & running.  He also enjoys spending time with our dogs, Diva and Patrick.

    Diva dog is spoiled and she thinks she is a princess. She loves cookies and to chase squirrels. Patrick loves to sleep and chase squirrels, and eat anything that falls on the floor.  We also have one frog named Peach.



                         Diva dog                                     Pat the dog