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    April 6-10

    Below are some relaxing items for this week.

    UPK-2nd Grade - Mister Rogers Meets a Brass Quintet (30 mins)

    3rd-5th Grade - STOMP (45 mins, no need to watch the whole thing)

    Looking for some more movement? Try this T-Rex Yoga video (20 mins)

    Looking for more? Draw or write about your favorite part. Can you replicate some of the music making in the first two videos?

    On April 15th I will send out my next email/update this page with more lessons.

    March 30-April 3

    Mrs. Dunn's Video for March 30-April 3

    This week's music activities:

    • UPK-2 - Hearing Same vs. Different - This website has a game where students can click on each balloon to listen to music.  They have to click "same" if the balloons sound the same, and "different" if the two balloons are different.
    • 3-5 Note Names Game - Students in grades 3 are just learning how to read notes on the staff, and students in grades 4-5 have already learned this skill.  Use this game to review note names and spell words.  Need a review?  Look below the game for the note names of the lines and spaces.  Need a challenge? Try bass clef (note names below the game).
    • For Fun! Line Rider - Watch Line Rider as he rides through the famous "In the Hall of the Mountain King"

    Need a mindful moment?  Try this Zen Den by Cosmic Kids Yoga.

    March 23-27

    Mrs. Dunn's Video for March 23-27 

    This week's music activities:

    • Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra - Students will go on a story adventure to find all of the instruments of the orchestra through an interactive interface.  Enjoyable for all ages! 
    • Instrument Matching - Students complete a matching game (with three different levels) memorizing the sound of instruments and their families.
    • Just Dance Videos - Below are some of my favorite Just Dance videos on YouTube.  Dancing is helpful for our bodies and minds, and helps reinforce steady beat and form in music.  I've been trying to get moving by dancing or exercising every day, I find connecting with my favorite music really helps.


    March 16-20

    March 16, 2020

    Mrs. Dunn's Video for the week in the link above!


    Mrs. Dunn's Top 3 Activities

    • Chrome Music Lab
      • Students in grades 1-5 have had varying amounts of time on this website, but it is a great place for all ages to experiment with science in music and create their own songs.  Students - have you already written music?  Can you find an object at home and play along with it?  See my video for some suggestions!
    • The Singing Space
      • Students, ask your families to access this site with you!  This is a group on Facebook where music teachers around the country are recording themselves singing songs and doing activities for their students while we are all at home.  It is a great resource for all ages! https://www.facebook.com/groups/2254602501509166 
    • DANCE
      • Dancing helps release endorphins and just helps us feel better!  Sometimes it's fun to just put on music and move!  Students - put on your favorite song and have your families dance.  Families - put your favorite song on and have your children dance!  Getting us moving and dancing to music can only help!