Welcome to our Art Room!

    Dear Paul Road families and friends, 

       Welcome to the Paul Road Art Room web page! This year students, at all grade levels, will explore many new art materials, artists and art techniques. The students will create projects that link to the six units in the elementary art program. These six main units are; Landscape, Still Life, Portrait, 3-D Art, Architecture and Non-Objective Art.  

       Mr. Fish, will once again be joining us from Brasser to teach Visual Art to Paul Road Schools 2 UPK classes. I will be teaching all of the remaining classes of: Kindergartners1st Graders, 2nd Graders, 3rd Graders, 4th Graders and 5th Graders.

    Please, if possible send in an art smock for your child. This can be an old apron, t-shirt, button down shirt or really anything that can cover their clothes. Most of the materials we use are washable BUT not all.