Hello families....

    Below are all materials we are currently using for at-home learning which are easily accessed through ClassLink:

     -PebbleGO, Raz-Kids, TumbleBooks, & ABCya!

    Class Link

    ClassLink uses your child's network login
    UN: firstinitialmiddleinitiallastname (EX. skparmele)
    PW: student birthdate  (EX. 01012010)

    In ClassLink, you will find programs & 2 library folders:

    ebook folder  ⇒ ebook selection
    library resources  ⇒ resources selection

    Listed below are also all the plans you can follow.  Live links are also included to take you directly to the webpage suggested.


    ELA plans Week 2

    Raindrops poem

    Math plans week 2


    ELA plans week 3

    5 Little Bunnies Poem

    Math plans week 3