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What is the Neil Armstrong Speech and Language Program?

The Speech & Language Program at Neil Armstrong School is a support service available to students with educationally significant needs in the areas of articulation, language, processing, voice, and fluency. (Please click on the links located on the navigation bar on the left for a quick glimpse of the various communication differences and how therapy may remediate them.)

Who are the Speech/Language Therapists?

Neil Armstrong currently has two full time therapists, Mrs. Tiede and Mrs. Beaulieu. Both therapists can be reach by calling Neil Armstrong at: 247-3190 or by email. Please contact us with any questions.

How do students qualify for Speech & Language Services?

Students who appear to have difficulties in the areas of speech and language can be referred by their classroom teacher for an evaluation by the Speech & Language Therapist. Results and recommendations are reviewed with the classroom teacher and parent.  

How do students receive Speech & Language services?

Therapy sessions are usually 30 minutes in length. Students can receive Speech & Language therapy one to five times per week. The sessions may be within the classroom setting or within the therapy room. Children may come in small groups or individually. The amount of therapy time and delivery of service is dependent on each student's individual needs.

How is progress reported?

The Speech therapists at Neil Armstrong School make every effort to attend and share information about students' progress during fall parent teacher conferences, when possible. Progress is reported formally during the March report card and at the end of the year in the form of a Speech and Language Progress Note. Parents are always welcome to call or e-mail their Speech-Language therapist should they have any questions, comments, or concerns.

*If a student has a Individual Education Plan (IEP) their progress will be reported every marking period.

What can parents do to help?

Please click on the link titled Resources located on the navigation bar to the left for tips and ideas on help to help your child's Speech and Language Development.

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