• English Language Learners at Neil Armstrong Elementary School  
    Welcome to English Language Learning
    at Neil Armstrong Elementary School!

    ENL = English as a New Language

    ELL = English Language Learner 

    MLL = Multilingual Learner


    ELLs/MLLs speak a language other than English at home.  They are in the process of learning the English language at school.  The elementary ENL program is housed in three buildings:  Walt Disney, Florence Brasser, and Neil Armstrong Elementary Schools in the Gates Chili School District.   

    How do we teach English learners?  Language specialists build vocabulary and consider all four areas of language learning--listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Creative dramatics, songs, poems, chants, rhymes, visuals, hands-on projects, simple texts with many pictures, discussions before reading or writing, integrating technology...there are many ways ENL teachers help their ELLs become proficient in the English language.  

    It takes time to learn another language. How do babies learn to talk?  For a long time, they simply watch and listen.  There are interactive experiences, and they receive positive feedback from family members. Even once they begin talking, it takes five years before grammar is intact.  In school, ELLs/MLLs usually acquire social language quickly.  Academic English builds over time with lots of scaffolding in the content areas and exposure to language-rich lessons.