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    March 17th – For March 16th’s Reading

    PK – 2nd Question:

    Why doesn’t Bat liked to be called “sport?”


    3-5 Question (Race Response)

    Chapters 10 is titled a very long day.  Why do you believe it is called “A Very Long Day?” Use two details from the text to support your answer.



    March 20th (For March 19th’s reading)

    PK-2nd Question:

    List 3 Characters from chapter 18-20 and name a character trait about them/


    3-5 Question:

    Create two multiple-choice (4 possible answers) questions based on the reading.  Make them as difficult as you can!


    The End:

    Create a book review. 
    Include your favorites parts of the book, what you thought of the book and if other kids should read it.  You choose how to do the review.

    Some options might include:

    -A Video
    -A Poster
    -A PowerPoint presentation
    -A written essay
    -A graphic novel
    -A song



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