RBTL Partnership


     “I truly loved this opportunity. It validated something I have known forever - all students can rise to meet our expectations when given choice and voice! Some students that struggled all year to read and find meaning or write a complete thought truly blossomed during this unit of study! When it was surrounding a song many students who struggle with inferring and theme throughout the year really made a connection here and were giving me some pretty deep thinking. LOVE LOVE LOVE that we have this partnership! We are creating lifelong learners and raising kids to appreciate and be involved with the arts and culture!!!”

    Gates Chili Teacher 


    A.R.T.S. Partners (Arts Reaching and Teaching in Schools Partners), is a one-of-a-kind partnership with the Gates Chili Central School District and Rochester Broadway Theatre League which allows teachers to integrate the arts into their curriculum year round for all students in grades UPK-12. Topics and themes related to Touring Broadway shows are adapted into age-appropriate lessons for classroom learning and all students are fully immersed in the live theatre experience by attending touring Broadway productions at RBTL's Auditorium Theatre in conjunction with the program. Unique experiences will also occur depending on the show and the grade level, to further connect students into the magical world of Broadway. The program will ensure that Arts Education is given to students districtwide.