How are services delivered?

  • How are services delivered?
    Frequency, intensity, duration and location of services are determined by student need and professional judgment. Services can be provided in a variety of models such as:

    • Direct service (individually or in a small group)
    • Indirect service (consultation with educational team members)
    • Classroom modifications

    Therapy sessions most commonly occur at a frequency of one to two 30-minute sessions per week and are provided during the school day. The ultimate goal of therapy is for the student to achieve a level of function that allows them to derive maximum benefit from their educational environment and no longer require therapy services.

    Multidisciplinary Partnerships
    Therapists, students, parents and teachers must communicate and work closely together to promote success within the educational environment. Therapists use both verbal and written communication with families and educational team members to ensure carryover of therapeutic strategies across all settings.
    The educational team may include but is not limited to parents, teachers, teacher assistants, school nurse teacher, caseworker, school psychologist, principal, therapists, pediatrician and assistive technologist.