• Scholarships are offered throughout the year by various universities, organizations, and industries. The Counseling Office publishes regularly updated lists of all the available scholarships and their registration deadlines. This information is available in the Career Center, Senior Resource, and on this website.

    1. In September, obtain applications to the colleges to which you intend to apply. A listing of all scholarships and the needed forms are available in the Career Center.

    2. Complete your college applications early in your senior year. Type all essays and activities lists. Your application should make a positive impression. You may have the essays proofread in the Career Center.

    3. Submit completed college and scholarship applications to the counseling office for official transcripts, processing, and mailing. Bring in a check/money order for the application fee. We will document the date of submission and the mailing date




    Many organizations contact GCHS with information about scholarships. All scholarships are listed online via Naviance

    On the Naviance home page, click on the “Colleges” tab and scroll down to the section called “Scholarships and Money.” Click on “Scholarship List”. You can search this list by category to find local scholarships you may be eligible for.  Be sure to check back regularly as new scholarships are added often.  You can also click on “National Scholarship Search” to complete a broader search.


    Other websites that may help you in your search are:  This site has a listing of online scholarship search sites. (merit-based scholarships only) (for Native American students) (for Hispanic students) (for Hispanic students) (for African American students) (for African American students) (for Christian college scholarships)

    Scholarships to Help International Students Afford U.S. Colleges

    “No Essay” College Scholarship

    United Negro College Fund Scholarships

    Scholarship America Scholarships  

    Some scholarship applications are as easy as filling out a response card or online form, however be aware that typically you will then be added to some type of mailing list. Here are some easy scholarships you may want to check out: x - enter the Win Free Tuition scholarship giveaway. Up to $10,000 is given each year to pay for one year of college tuition. x enter to win a $10,000 scholarship by random drawing, x – enter their $1,000 scholarship giveaway. For an online list of merit based scholarships - For an online list of unusual and uncommon scholarships - For an online list of the most prestigious scholarships and fellowships - For an online list of scholarships for ‘average’ students (those who don’t have a 4.0 GPA)-

    Scholarships for Students with Disabilities 



    Interested in Teaching?

    Check out these grant/scholarship opportunities:

    TEACH Grant Program

    Grants of up to $4,000 per year are provided to students who intend to teach for at least four years in a high-need field in a public or private elementary or secondary school that serves low- income students. High-need fields are currently: Bilingual Education and English Language Acquisition, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Reading Specialist, Science, Special Education. You do not have to demonstrate financial aid to be eligible, however you must be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen, be enrolled in a post-secondary institution that has chosen to participate in the TEACH Grant Program, be enrolled in coursework that is necessary to begin a career in teaching, and meet certain academic requirements. More information can be found at

  Contact the financial aid office of the schools you are interested in attending to see if they participate in the program.


    Check the other scholarship links below:

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