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  • Practicing for Young Musicians

    Practicing for Young Musicians

    by Harvey R. Snitkin Year Published: Average
    Harvey R. Snitkin is a musician, music educator, and a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for the Grammy Awards. Now in his newly revised and significantly expanded edition of Practicing For Young Musicians: You Are Your Own Teacher, Snitkin provides a new generation of aspiring young musicians a superbly presented, "user friendly" guide to self-directed musical study. Basic teaching tips, simple exercises, and sound advice for budding musicians of all skill levels fill this motivational book which is very highly recommended for young people wanting better their own musical skills. Also highly recommended for the serious music student and the dedicated performer is Harvey Snitkin's companion book: Practice Planner: A Journal Of Goals And Progress (1888732105, [...]).
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  • The Jazz Piano Book

    The Jazz Piano Book

    by Mark Levine Year Published: Challenging
    Reviewer: NIKLAS JEAN (LAUSANNE, Switzerland) - See all my reviews I bought this book about 8 months ago and I must say that I have not spent one day since without working with it, and I have made considerable progress. It is a excellent toolkit. Each chapter shows you a concept (so that you can hear it by playing it) and then gives you all the stuff so that you can actually understand it, learn it, practise it and get it definitely. It does not spare you to work a lot of course, but it gives you very solid foundations to play jazz (and other) tunes.
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  • The Jazz Theory Book

    The Jazz Theory Book

    by Mark Levine Year Published: Challenging
    The Jazz Theory book for the serious jazz student who wants to get into the theory about jazz and improvisation. There must be understanding about intervals, chords, and all the major and minor scales before this book would be attempted.

    Note: This book is available in our Library.
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