Instrument Repairs

  • Instrumental Repairs

    If your instrument is not working properly it can be very frustrating!! Even with careful use and proper maintenance habits, the instruments can need the attention of a qualified repair person. It's important to take care of problems as they come up, so that repairs can be made quickly and with the least disruption possible to the student.

    If you purchased the "Loss, Damage, Repair" coverage when you acquired the instrument, call Atlas Music at 671-2020 and explain the problem. Their representative will come to Brasser on their next scheduled Friday visit and bring a "loaner instrument" to use while they fix the problem.

    If you are not under contract with the music store, I recommend Russ Thomas, of Thomas Music. He has taken care of the Gates Chili school instruments for a number of years in the past, and is extremely qualified to handle any brand of instrument repair. His prices are very reasonable, and while he does not stock "loaner instruments", he can usually take care of problems quickly and get the repaired instrument right back to the student.

    Russ Thomas: 266-7751