• Flute

    Here is what you need to know when obtaining a flute for your child:

    Beginning model flutes will have closed holes (known as Plateau keys) with nickel head joint, body and keys.

    Intermediate model flutes will have open holes (known as French keys), silver plated head joint, silver plated body and keys.

    Open hole keys provide students the ability to develop and progress into a higher level of playing, encourages proper hand position and provides more clarity in tone.

    The offset G key follows the natural contour of student's hands and makes playing more comfortable. (The inline G key is the other choice, better for a larger hand.)  Either will be fine in the end.

    Here are the flutes that the Gates Chili music department recommends:

    open hole flutes with the offset G key:

    • Armstrong 103OS
    • Yamaha YFL261
    • Gemeindhart 3O

    closed hole flute with the offset G key:

    • Armstrong 104CH

    Open hole flutes from a vendor should come with plastic plugs for the holes that are necessary for beginners. If you obtain an used open hole flute from another source you will need to buy plugs that fit that model flute.

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      Here is what your child needs for the first lesson:
      • flute and flute case (it should come with one)
      • cleaning rod (should come with flute)
      • handkerchief for cleaning
      • music stand (essential for home practice)- you can leave it at home.
      • plugs for open holed flute
      • The school will provide Essential Elements Book 1 Flute