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    Background information on the snare drum:


    The snare drum is part of the percussion family.  It has wires (or snares) which vibrate against the lower head of the drum.  Snare drum parts are usually the most complex of the percussion section. Students who play the snare drum must have an excellent sense of the beat. They carry a lot of responsibility in the band. 

    Snare players also learn to play other percussion instruments including the bass drum, triangle, cymbals, timpani and other small instruments.

    Here are the snare drums that the Gates Chili music department recommends:

    •  Yamaha 255 10 lug snare drum and snare drum stand
    • 10 lug snare drums by Pearl or Ludwig and snare drum stand
    • A high quality practice pad will be acceptable also. , must be on a stand or placed on something for the correct height.  


    • Vic Firth SD 1 sticks  - NO OTHER STICKS,  PLEASE!
    • We will be providing some materials from a variety of sources. I will give the students a binder when they begin.


    Here is what your child needs for the first lesson
    Bring these to School:
    Keep at Home:
    Music Stand
    Practice Pad or Drum 
    • music stand (essential for home practice)
    • Vic Firth SD 1 sticks  
    • Lesson Book