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    The school has these 3/4 size tubas


    Background information on the tuba:

    The tuba is the largest member of the brass family.  Elementary students play a 3/4 size tuba.  Students sit on a phone book so that they can blow downwards into the mouthpiece. Brass players learn to use a combination of lip pressure, air speed/direction and fingerings to play different pitches. 

    The district has purchased euphoniums, French horns and tubas to makes them available for students to rent. The district takes care of maintenance and repairs. Your child is expected to handle all instruments with care. 

    Instrument rental is on a first come, first served basis. Students take one instrument home where it stays.  There is a second one here at school for your child.  All your child has to carry back and forth to school is the mouthpiece (which you must purchase) and the band music.

    Here is what you must do for your child to play the tuba:

    The annual rental fee is $25.00; please send in a check made payable to the Gates Chili CSD. 

    You must buy a mouthpiece:

    • Bach 18 trombone mouthpiece 
    • Blessing 18 trombone mouthpiece
    • Glory mouthpiece on Amazon for less than $25

    You need a phone book (or similar item) for your child to sit upon for home practice. 

     Here is what your child needs for the first lesson:

    • tuba (rented from school)
    • tuba mouthpiece
    • music stand (essential for home practice)
    • Yamaha Synthetic valve oil (regular) YAC RVO
    • tuning slide grease
    • phone book for home practice
    • Essential Elements book 1 Tuba