• Trombone


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    Here is what you need to know when obtaining a trombone for your child:


    The trombone is the oldest member of the brass family. Trombone players learn to use a combination of lip pressure, air speed/direction and slide positions to play different pitches. There are 7 slide positions; young players use only 6.  


        A trombone will need to be purchased or rented from a music store in Elementary School.  


    Here are the tenor trombones that the Gates Chili music department recommends:

    Trombone (no F attachment)

    • King 606  (on amazon $239 for used instrument)
    • Bach TB301
    • Yamaha YSL354/ADV


    • Bach 6 1/2 AL trombone mouthpiece (small shank)
    • Blessing 6 1/2 trombone mouthpiece (small shank)
    • Glory 1 1/2 AL trombone mouthpice (not large shank)  Amazon $12
    Here is what your child needs for the first lesson:
    • trombone and trombone case (it should come with one)
    • trombone mouthpiece
    • music stand (leave at home)
    • trombone slide cream 
    • water misting bottle
    • tuning slide grease
    • Lesson Book, Essential Elements book 1 Trombone, provided by the school