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    Here is what you need to know when obtaining an alto saxophone for your child:

    Saxophones were designed for power for marching bands. It's made out of brass but belongs with the woodwind family because it has keys and uses a reed similar to a clarinet.

    The neck strap is an important accessary. It supports most of the weight of the sax, bringing it right up to the mouth of the player. (The one strap comes with the sax is usually hard to adjust.)

    Here are the alto saxes that the Gates Chili music department recommends:

    • Selmer AS500
    • Yamaha YAS23 or YAS26
    • Vito V7131RK



    • Yamaha 4C alto sax mouthpiece

    Neck strap:

    • Rico soprano/alto neck strap


    • Vandoren 2½ strength alto sax reeds - box of 10
    Lesson Book:
    • Essential Elements Book 1 Saxophone (the school provides)

    Music Stand for home use