•    There is no denying that reading is essential to your child's success. In the classroom we will work on a variety of activities to help your student build his/her literacy skills. Students will read independently everyday to build up their reading stamina. Other reading activities include: partner reading, shared reading, reading aloud, listening to reading, reading with the teacher, reading in small groups, writing, and word work. 

    Here are some strategies to try when you and your child are reading together. Remember your child should be reading for 15-20 minutes every night: 
    • Tell your child to look at the picture. Often the picture clues can help a child decode an unfamiliar word
    • Tell your child to look for chunks (word parts) in the word.  For example, it in split and at in chat.
    • Ask the child to go on and read to the end of the sentence then return to the unfamiliar word.  Often, reading the other words in context can help your child figure out the word. We call this strategy Beep and Go. 
    • If your child makes an error, instead of correcting it, ask your child if what he/she read  Looked right? Sounded right? or Made sense. This allows children a chance to fix their own errors. 
    • Ask your child to predict what the story will be about or what will happen next in the story.
    • Re-read stories to help develop fluency.
    • After reading, check in with your child. He/She should be able to re-tell the important events in the story.