Helpful Homework Tips

  • Here are some tips to help make homework time less stressful and smoother at home:

    • Encourage your child to start homework by looking over everything that needs to be done.
      • ask, "which parts can you do on your own?"
      • Have your child make a priority list of items that can be done independently
      • Develop a strategy and schedule that will work for your family
    • Show an interest in your child's homework
      • Ask about what they are learning and doing
    • Eliminate as many distractions as possible during homework time
    • Make sure your child has a specific place to do homework
      • Consistency is a key
      • Make sure it offers plenty of light and workspace
    • Be a role model and take the time to read a book or the newspaper while your child studies
      • Reading together helps to create a learning environment
    • Set goals with your child, not for your child
      • Start with a goal your child is almost guaranteed to achieve, which will make the others seem much more do-able
    • Expect progress
      • If your expectations are high for what your child can accomplish, but not unreasonable, they will respond well
    • Link what is known and familiar to what is new
      • Help build associations between what your child already knows and what is being learned. Children learn new things best when they can learn how they are alike and different from concepts they already know.
      • For example, fractions and measurement can be tied into cooking and making a favorite meal or snack
    • Praise your child for successfully completing homework
      • Sincere, focused praise builds self-esteem

    Remember that homework should never be done for your child.