Strategies for Success in Social Studies

QAR works great with social studies text!

(Question/Answer Relationship)

*There are three types of questions you should definitely become familiar with this year. 

  • Right There - a Right There question can be answered directly from the text.  Look at the text below and note the highlighted information. 
  • Think and Search - a Think and Search question can be answered from reading the text and using your own knowledge to answer a question. 
  • In My Head - an In My Head question is answered by using your own knowledge.


Now, read the text below and the questions that follow the text.  You will notice the difference between these three styles of questions.

Benjamin Franklin, born in Boston, Massachusetts, on January 17, 1706, may by his life alone be the most profound statement of what an American strives to be.

He attended grammar school at age eight, but was put to work at ten. He apprenticed as a printer to his brother James, who printed the New England Courant, at age twelve, and published his first article there, anonymously, in 1721. Young Benjamin was an avid reader, inquisitive and skeptical. Through his satirical articles, he poked fun at the people of Boston & soon wore out his welcome, both with his brother and with the city. He ran away to New York and then on to Philadelphia at the age of sixteen, looking for work as a printer.



Sample Right There Question:  Where was Benjamin Franklin born?  According to the text, Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts.

Sample Think and Search Question:  How do you think Benjamin Franklin felt about leaving school at age eight?  According to the text and my own knowledge, Benjamin Franklin still was educated through the various places he worked, but he also taught himself new and exciting things too!

Sample In My Head Question:  If you were a writer like Benjamin Franklin, what would you write about and why?  According to my own preference, I would write about my experiences as an aunt to my niece and nephew.