What is AIS (Academic Intervention Services)

  • What is AIS?

    AIS stands for Academic Intervention Services.  It is a state mandated program designed to assist students in becoming better readers and writers.

    Who receives AIS Literacy support?

    Students may receive AIS Literacy support based on several conditions.  They include...

    • Report card grades and classroom performance
    • Results from NYS assessments
    • Teacher recommendation

    How is AIS support provided to students?

    Students most likely will receive support in a pull-out setting.  This is a small group setting of approximately five students with similar needs who work with a Literacy teacher in developing skills and strategies to become better readers and writers. 

    Students might also receive support in a push-in setting.  The AIS Literacy teacher will support students in a content area class (English, social studies, or science) in developing the skills needed to be a successful reader and writer in these courses.