Meet Mrs. Pendino


    Hi!  I have been teaching in Gates Chili for seventeen years as a kindergarten and first grade teacher.  I have taught at Florence Brasser, Paul Road and Walt Disney schools.  Prior to coming to Gates Chili I was a stay-at-home mom for eight years, and later worked in the city of Rochester for nine years. 

    I grew up in Gates.  I attended Gates Chili during the 60's when the district was building new schools and frequently redistricting.  I attended Washington Irving for kindergarten and first grade, Paul Road for second and third grade, and Walt Disney for fourth and fifth grade!  Then I attended the middle school and high school.



    My children, Brandy and Jake Rinck, both attended Paul Road School, and my son attended Brasser for one year before moving up to the Middle School.  My daughter now lives in Seattle, Washington.  She is a Geo-Archeologist.  My son lives close by right here in Gates.  He is a Technician for Time Warner.  My husband, Dominic, attended Washington Irving School.  He works at the Middle School.  We are all graduates of Gates Chili!  My granddaughter is currently 2 years old.  She will attend Paul Road School in about 3 years.

    In 2009 my husband and I moved to South Bristol on Canandaigua Lake.  We have a long commute to school each day, but our new home, forested land and the spectacular view of the lake make the commute well worth it.  I enjoy listening to audiobooks during my drive time.  They really help the time fly by! 


    I am looking forward to discovering all of the things our new kindergarten friends like to do.  Everyone will be able to share their favorite things with the class when they are the Star of the Day!   

    You can also complete the student questionnaire by clicking on "And the Survey Says..." category to the left.  If you would like to read about all of my favorites you may click on the "My Favorites Things" category to the left. 

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My daughter Brandy and I celebrating Christmas in Key West
Christmas in Key West with my son Jake
My sister and father in Key West at Christmas
My family at our wedding in 2008
Mr. and Mrs. Pendino enjoying the highland sunset in Scotland
Our home in South Bristol overlooks Canandaigua Lake. It's a long drive but we love the view!