Second Grade

    Room 5

    Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Rizzo

    Aliccia, Kyle, Lilyana, Noah, Lake, Jayden, Zoey, Alexandra, Kyla, Aniyah, Javian, Tahj, Daniel, Peyton, Cameron, Carson, Graysen, Matthew, Kamar


    Assignments are now being posted on the 2nd Grade MAIN PAGE.  


    Thank you for sending your assignments to us!

    We have been awarding points on Class Dojo for completed work from the 2nd Grade website.







If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • Websites:

    Although the websites listed are valuable and engaging, please keep in mind that students should not be on them all day.  Create a schedule that seems reasonable for the family. Using a timer will help to eliminate "debate" when your 2nd grader wants to continue working online.  Most sites are connected to teacher accounts.  If your family is having trouble connecting to or navigating any please reach out to Mrs. Johnson or Mrs. Rizzo.  You can also let your 2nd grader know we will be "watching" how our students are doing through our teacher accounts. 



    Iready is used a few times a year to test students on their reading and mathematics levels in 2nd grade.  Just recently our classroom has been utilizing the reading lessons, which are designed for individual needs, during station time.  At home students can go to their class link to log in and click on either reading or math to start working.  We suggest students log onto reading lessons 2x a week and math lessons 2x a week for no more than a 20 minute work time. 



    Log in: ajohnsonaap

    Razkids is a website our students utilized during our nonfiction unit in reading.  Students were given an opportunity to read/ listen to nonfiction on their devices during a 20-30 minute station rotation.  They were responsible for recording what they learned and what they wondered based on the text they read.  We have targeted their reading level on their account to help support 2nd graders as they chose books that were "Just Right." Have your 2nd grader go exploring on this site to find literature that interests them.... fiction or nonfiction.  Extend their understanding by having them write a short report or create a video where they can share their new learning.  They can pretend to be a news reporter. 



    We looooooove this website! Kid friendly, short videos, explaining the world around us.  Videos are organized into categories or you can type in the search bar to find videos that interest your 2nd grader.  Students just finished a research project about the environment using this website.  Brainpop keeps up with current events and presents the information that can be understood by our youngest learners. Enjoy!  



    We have a teacher account for our classroom and students love it!  We believe you can create your own account from home.  Please let us know when you successfully create your own account.  What is Go Noodle?  It is a website to get your body moving and to take a break from rigorous learning.   This site also has sooooo much more!  


    Type to Learn

    Students have accounts set up through their class link.  We usually set aside a time once a week to have them work on their keyboarding skills.  2-3 times a week for no more than 30 minutes might help them feel more confident on their devices.  


    Investigations Math Games Grade 2











    Students should be reading text at their level every day.  Having someone also  read to them literature that is more complex will help them maintain their listening comprehension.

    Reading Logs

    Please continue to fill out reading logs.  Please message Mrs. Johnson a picture of your 2nd grader's weekly log when it is complete and she will award DOJO points. 


    Online Read Alouds

    You can search for a favorite book title online and check for videos about the book.  There is usually a read aloud video ....  if it is a popular picture book. 



    -Roll dice and add or subtract

    -Roll one die and double it

    -Use playing cards to flip and add, play War but greatest sum wins, create addition and subtraction equations

    -Skip count by 2s, 5s, 10s..... make it fun by using chalk, bouncing ball or jumping on the trampoline 

    -use coins to count (choose an amount and see if you can create the amount in different ways)

    -practice time by looking at a digital clock and drawing an analog clock with the hour and minute hand correctly placed 

    -make a 2 digit number with cards or dice then draw the number with sticks and singles

    -make a number using cards or dice then add 10 or 100