Breakdown of Fitnessgram

  • Component of
    Health-related Fitness


    Fitness Test

    Aerobic Capacity

    The ability to perform large muscle, high intensity exercise for prolonged periods.

    • PACER
    • 1-Mile run
    • Walk Test

    Muscular Strength

    The ability of the muscles to exert an external force.

    • Pull-ups
    • 90 Push-ups
    • Curl-ups
    • Trunk lift

    Muscular Endurance

    The ability of muscles to exert themselves repeatedly.


    The range of motion available in a joint.

    • Back-Saver Sit and Reach
    • Shoulder Stretch

    Body Composition

    The relative percentage of muscles, fat, bone and other tissues that comprise the body.

    • BMI
    • Skinfold Measurements
    • Bioelectric Impedance Analyzers