Intramurals-5th Grade

  • Intramurals is a time for extra physical activity and fun with classmates. It is not a requirement.

    Intramurals will meet on Monday mornings for 5th grade students this year and Friday mornings for 4th grade students. It begins at 8:00 and ends at 8:50. There will be two (2) sessions. A lottery system will be used to decide who will be in each session. Once permission slips are handed in and session lists are determined, a confirmation letter will be sent home with the dates your child will attend.

    Like all before or after-school activities there are some important rules and expectations that will need to be followed to keep this an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone. We view Intramurals as a privilege and expect appropriate behavior at all times. Our expectations are:

    -       All physical education rules are to be followed

    -          Students must wear sneakers in order to participate

    -          If behavior becomes a problem, parents or guardians will be contacted and the student risks the chance of being removed   from intramurals