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    Physical Education teachers for the 2018-2019 school year are Mrs. Schmitt, Mr. Magiera, and Mr. Jeffers. Physical Education classes are held twice a week for 50 minutes. UPK has Physical Education twice a week for 35 minutes.

    All students to wear sneakers for class. This is for our safety and the safety of others. Please send your child with proper footwear and make sure they are tied properly. Any help from home with this is greatly appreciated.

    Our student success plan is simple: if you listen, follow directions, treat others kindly, and try your best you will do fine. We may ask a student to sit out for a few minutes and reflect on their behavior and what they may change next time. We want students to enjoy physical education while learning and growing.  Direct, intentional contact with another student will result in a phone call home, a talk with the principal, and a discussion of possible consequences.

    Contact info:

    Lynne_Schmitt@gateschili.org  ext. 80046 vm 78551

    Troy_Jeffers@gateschili.org  ext. 80046

    John_Magiera@gateschili.org ext. 80046    Mr. Magiera's Website

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