Parent Resources

  • How can you best help your student understand math concepts and big ideas? This can be a daunting, as much of our math instruction today looks and sounds different than a more traditional approach that embodied instruction "back in our day". Here you will find a list of general resources to check out. More specific strategies and ideas are listed under each unit. As always, feel free to contact me if you are looking for more support at home.

    Investigations: For Families Investigations Curriculum website offers insight into what it's all about, how to help with homework, engaging games (both online and off-line), and how to most effectively work with your child's teacher.

    Marilyn Burns: 10 Big Math Ideas In this Scholastic Instructor Magazine article, math guru Marilyn Burns shares the top 10 ways you can enhance your students' math learning, test scores, and skills.

    Make Your Own Flashcards Help your child practice their multiplication facts! This tool enables you to create your very own flashcards!