• Comprehension is the ability to understand what is being read. Students are taught strategies to monitor and increase their comprehension of both fiction and nonfiction text. A student with strong comprehension of a text will be able to utilize numerous strategies to enhance their thinking from literal to inferential.

    Comprehension Strategies (The CAFE Book, Boushey & Moser)
    • Check for understanding
    • Back up and reread
    • Monitor and fix up
    • Retell the story
    • Use prior knowledge to connect with text
    • Make a picture or mental image
    • Ask questions throughout the reading process
    • Predict what will happen; use text to confirm
    • Infer and support with evidence
    • Use text features (titles, headings, captions, graphic features)
    • Summarize text; include sequence of main events
    • Use main idea and supporting details to determine importance
    • Determine and analyze author's purpose and support with text
    • Recognize literacy elements (genre, plot, character, setting, problem/resolution, theme)
    • Recognize and explain cause-and-effect relationships
    • Compare and contrast within and between text
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