• Accuracy is the ability to read the words correctly according to the "rules" of the English language. A child must be able to read with a high level of accuracy to truly comprehend more complex text. Phonics and word work practice, along with rigorous reading, is important in improving a child's accuracy.

    Accuracy Strategies (The CAFE Book, Boushey & Moser)
    • Cross Check... Do the pictures and/or words look right? Do they sound right? Do they make sense?
    • Use the pictures... Do the words and pictures match?
    • Use beginning and ending sounds
    • Blend sounds; stretch and reread
    • Flip the sound
    • Chunk letters and sounds together
    • Skip the word, then come back
    • Trade a word/ guess a words that makes sense 

    Please contact me for more information and resources to best support your child's accuracy!